BubbleThing Bubble Wand and Big Bubble Instant Powder Refill Mix Makes 2.7 Gallons 5.4 gal (4-Pack)

BubbleThing Big Bubble Instant Powder Refill Mix Makes 5.4 Gallons


Package includes: BIG Bubble Mix to make 5.4 gallons. For the biggest bubbles, use with BubbleThing Wand(Amazon ASIN B001U5SYB6). For bubbles big and small, BIG Bubble Mix is compatible with all bubble blowing toys including: Little Tikes, Gazillion, Beebo and Fubbles. Best DIY Homemade Bubbles Recipe: Hot Water(128 ounces), Dish Soap- Joy/Dawn/Fairy(8 ounces), BIG Bubble Instant Powder Solution(2 tablespoons). Instructions: 1) Unwrap your fabric loop, 2) Close the loop, 3) Dip the string in the soap and raise it up, 4) Open the rope, swing it gentle swideways and close the loop to release the bubble. Fill the air with giant swooping bubbles!. Ideal Weather Conditions for Huge Bubbles: High Humidity, Cool Temperature and a Gentle Breeze. Perfect conditions are Foggy(100% humidity), 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 3mph winds.. How easy is the Bubble Thing, really? It’s so easy, it happens by itself! Kids learn the Bubble Thing quickly, and then enjoy teaching each other..

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