Chicco Rainbow Cube, Blue

Create an Ideal Environment for a Good Night’s Rest

Sleep is of utmost importance for babies. With the Chicco rainbow cube, you can create an ideal atmosphere so that your little one can enjoy a nice sleep. This innovatively crafted cube ensures that putting your toddler to sleep is no more a daunting task. It allows you to select and project your kid’s favourite images along with different colours and changing effects. As a result, a soothing atmosphere is created due to which your young one drifts off to a reassuring sleep. Moreover, the soothing sound of music from this baby projector lamp helps the baby fall asleep with ease.

Features Different Colours, Patterns and Melodies

To attain a good night’s rest, an ideal ambience needs to be created with appropriate lighting. This Chicco blue rainbow cube projects light in three different directions in eight different colours along with three different patterns (stars, hearts or kites). Apart from this, it produces three different melodies, classical music, new age music and relaxing nature sounds, to put your toddler to sleep in minutes. This projector lamp can also be used as a night lamp in the child’s bedroom once the child is older. Bring home this unique baby night light and create the ideal environment for a good night’s rest for your child.

  • Brand: Chicco
  • Colour: Blue
  • Light works in three directions namely up, right and left
  • Offers the option of image selection
  • Helps create a soothing atmosphere
  • Eight different colours along with three different patterns
  • Produces three different melodies, classical music, new age music and relaxing nature sounds

2,999.00 2,708.00

Save 10%

As babies grow up, it can be used as a stylish modern nightlight that continues to create a soothing environment that helps them sleep peacefully. A color therepy sleep toy to help babies sleep better. Comes in three different patters. Heart star cloud. Every light works in 3 different directions – up, left and right. Comes in blue color for a calming and peacful effect.

Please check your local laws before purchasing this product.

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