Quill On Quilling Strips, Orange (5mm)

Quill on introduces first time in the history of quilling peel and stick quilling strips. Now do away with messy and tedious gluing. After making the coil just peel the white sticker paper and press the pre glued part to close the coil. The above pack contains mango orange strips for quilling juicy orange, gold fish and anything else you can imagine in flashing orange. Each strip is around 17 inch long. It is recommended that you use quill on strips with super quiller. These strips are made of standardized paper, which gives you uniform coiling results, unlike those available in the market wherein the thickness and weight of paper and hence the coiling result may also vary.

50.00 35.00

Save 30%

First time ever peel and stick quilling strips no gluing required. Contain quilling strips in single colour neon orange 100 strips in each packet. Size options available 3mm, 5mm and 10mm. From a yummy mango to a bouncy basket ball quill anything you can imagine in orange using these mango orange strips.

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