Shinhan Touch Twin Brush Markers (Set of 6 Grey Shades)

“• Ideal for Industries, Illustration, Animation, Cartooning, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Fashion Design • Brilliant Color Tones and Perfectly Clean Artwork • Safety Cap for Tips • Twin Tip Brush Marker with versatile nibs, highest quality ink • Color : 6 Assorted Grey Shades • Applicable Surfaces : Paper, Glass, Stone, Wood, Concrete and Unglazed Ceramic, Marker Pads • Optimum ink flow and drying rates allow for seamless execution of even the most detailed artwork. • Non-toxic ,Beautiful Shape with Easy Grip • The innovative and durable design of the nibs ensures they will not lose their firmness over time. • Ergonomically Designed Body for Perfect Grip • Alcoholic Content • Touch Markers will Not Dissolve Toner Ink • Ideal for Designers, Architects and Illustrators “


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