Capital Alphabet Tray with Pictures + Number with Picture Tray Key pointLet your child have fun learning the English language capital alphabets as well as the numbers. The trays also help him develop his motor and sensory skills, boost his memory and expand his vocabulary. What’s inside?Find two sturdy trays – one with 26 brightly-coloured, capital English alphabet shapes and eye-catching, corresponding pictures of 26 different objects, and the other with 10 numerical shapes and pictures of corresponding number of objects. There are knobs on each shape on both trays to make lifting them easier, letters and numbers at random on the back and two storage pouches to keep all those pieces safe. Let’s play!1. Guide your little one to lift each letter and number from the trays and put it right back in its right groove.2. Now jumble up the pieces before he begins to put them into their appropriate slots. In case of the number tray, he could count the number of objects next to each slot and then fit in the appropriate piece. You could also put these pieces in the pouch and ask him to fish a particular one out by feeling its shape.3. Have him pronounce each letter, and teach him what the corresponding object is. How about you both mull over another word that starts with that letter? For ‘P’ is also for ‘panda’ and ‘pin’.4. Similarly, have him pronounce each of the numbers and then spell them too. For instance, ‘1’ is spelt ‘O-N-E’.4. The alphabets and numbers double up as stencils too! So your child can trace the letter or the number with his reader finger or with a pencil on a paper.5. Put the blocks together to practice spellings or to practice simple arithmetic functions. For instance, H-U-T and W-O-R-M, and on the other hand, 4+3=7, 3×2=6 and 9-1=8.6. Finally, flip the board! Have him place the pieces on their rightful alphabets and numbers printed on the back. You’ll know if he’s really learning! Why you can trust this product for your childWell, because it’s Skillofun! We are a socially and environmentally responsible company. All Skillofun products are made to international standards, complying with the most stringent child-safety regulations – ASTM, EN-71, and CPSIA. With a Skillofun product, you can rest assured that you are giving your child a completely non-toxic and eco-friendly product, guaranteed.

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Save 45%
  • Alphabets & Language
  • Wooden Material
  • No batteries Battery
  • Non Rechargeable
  • Width x Height: 30 mm x 30 mm

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