SYGA Large Pvc vinyl Sticker(Pack of 1)

Sheet Size :- 60 x 90 cms Finishing Size:- Height : 1.96feet , width : 5.24feet (Approx) Removable, Eco-friendlyMaterial:PVC Vinyle Quality : Our decals are made of a high quality, waterproof and durable material These stickers will last for above 4-7 years without fading. Installation Instructions: Step1: First of All take sticker sheet out of the PP bag. Sheet is made up of two parts one is pvc vinyl transparent film on which your design is printed and second is white release paper. Whole design may be given in three –four parts we need to assemble it like puzzle following the small photo given in sheet which help you in making whole design complete.Step2: Please make sure that surface should be plain and without moisture. Now clean the surface with dry cloth where you want to paste your design.Step3: Choose any printed part of film from the sheet and peel it from the already cutted border by folding from border and one by one paste it on surface. If any mistake happens at the time of pasting than don’t worry its reusable glue you can again peel and paste properly without any damage to wall.Step 4: If at the time of pasting any bubble remains than press bubble gently toward border sot that it will be removed and if bubble still remains than take needle and pinch on it.Please Note : If you need to move the stickers after they have been applied; remove the sticker carefully to avoid damage. The sticker can be reapplied, but its adhesive properties may be reduced.DO NOT APPLIED ON WET WALLS.

950.00 227.00

Save 76%
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Pack of 1
  • Size: Large
  • Pvc vinyl
  • Theme: Quotes

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