Warner Bros Tom – 26 inch

Tom is the mischievous and naughty cat, that Jerry the mouse always keeps fighting with. Their endless battles never cease but the world knows they love one another dearly. Bring home the adorable Tom, from the famous Tom and Jerry series that is a universal favourite amongst children and adults. The Warner Bros Tom is an adorable stuffed toy that is ideal for boys and girls of all ages. The fabric used on Tom is soft, velvety and made out of a high quality material that is safe on your children’s skin. Measuring twenty six inches, the Warner Bros Tom is the perfect gift for children who are a huge fan of the Tom and Jerry Series. With large appealing eyes and a sweet smile, Warner Bros Tom is 66 cm in height and makes an ideal companion and friend for your children during their playtime.

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2,999.00 1,499.00

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  • Cartoon Characters
  • Character: Tom
  • Skillset: Motor Skills, Attention Span Building, Object Recognition, Sensory Development

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