Zest 4 Toyz Educational and Learning Multi Skill Laptop with 30 activities, Multi Color

Notebook computer with 30 fun activities, helps in vocabulary and grammar, mathematics, music, game and amusements. Play games like spelling correction and scrambled word or play games like stone paper scissors and tower of hanoi, prepare your kids for the future learnings and thats not all you get a mouse and adapter to use without batteries.

2,499.00 1,050.00

Save 58%

30 in 1 stylish super slim, talking educational laptop with a functional mouse encourages kids in learning english, mathematics, games and music kids toys laptop with mouse 30 activities slim design. 30 educational functions include missing letter, spelling correction, scrambled word, extra letter, anagram, plural, antonym, flash memory, mathematics, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, completing equation smaller or larger, numbering logic, percentages, algebra, geometry, music, karaoke, dance to music, music maker, games and amusements. Requires 3 AA battery, includes an adaptor for plug and play use without batteries.

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