What Does Choice Of Toy Tell About Personality Of The Child?

Infographic about choice of toy tells lifelong personality

Did you know that a kids choice of toy is a leading indicator of his/her personality traits?

Read on to know more about what does the kids choice of toy tell about his/her personality


It requires lots of space to play with automobiles such as bi-cycles, tri-cycles, cars, helicopters, planes etc. Children who love such toys are typically very energetic and somewhat restless beings. They are free spirited – always seeking out the ‘next new adventure’. Their high energy and free spirits means that they need lots of physical space to move around freely. Together with their favorite toy(s), they love to crawl all over the place – on sofas, beds, TVs, showcases, plants, pots, kitchen – you name it, and they would have been there with their vehicle. If given their favorite toy(s), space and freedom, playing or even watching such children is lots of fun! You will get tired playing together with them, but their dream world will never end.

The best way to encourage the qualities of high energy, fun loving, and free spirit, is to let them have their favorite automobile toy. Doing so helps in building up these qualities preparing them for the time when they face difficult situations.

So, why not get them their favorite from the set of currently best-selling automobiles?

Who knows maybe he/she is the next Narayan Karthikeyan – F1 racing champ from India!

Board Games:

Because board games are played with other people, children who love board games generally tend to develop better social skills. Such kids start to exhibit appreciation for sharing and fairness when dealing with others. As these games have an element of winning and losing, the children who love such games tend to develop sportsmanship as well as empathy towards their opponents. Typically, these qualities mean that such children have lesser trouble making relationships.

These crucial qualities, which are very important in adulthood, can be easily matured by giving the children the right kind of board games. What could be better than giving them the latest trendiest and hot-selling board games that the kids would love to play with their friends?

He/she might be the small version of Indian chess grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand !

Musical Toys:

Children who love musical toys typically have an above normal creative streak. They have in-built sense of symmetry, melody and beauty. They love the natural flow of things. Such kids are generally liberal thinkers and their imagination is not tied to any rules. They are free birds who love to explore and are not afraid of ambiguity.

There is always sound and melody of one or two favorite musical toys, which grabs such kids undivided attention. However, it is crucial for such children that they get to explore more sounds, rhythms, and melody. The best way to do so is to try out such musical toys that many other similar children love.

Who knows maybe he/she will fall more deeply in love with one of these and be the next A.R. Rahman – one of the most musical persons in India!

Soft Toys:

Soft toys are cuddly playful things that everyone loves. Children who love such toys have qualities such as empathy, care and affection. Generally, kids take care of such toys as if they are living beings, they talk to them, play with them, and many times even drag them around. Such actions help in development of emotional personality that might turn into a high level of care and concern for others.

Usually, children who love soft toys like to have many such toys, of which one (or maybe two) will be their favorite. The ideal way to help these children develop these latent qualities is to get them high quality and variety of soft toys. It need not be expensive or big, but having cat, dog, teddy and monkey is much better for these children than only having a teddy.

Who knows maybe you could be helping make another Mother Teresa – One of the most empathetic human beings from India !

Building Blocks:

Building blocks are objects that fit in only specific ways. Therefore, successfully fitting them together requires patience, creativity, and thinking in a structured way. Kids who love playing with building blocks typically exhibit higher levels of these qualities. Typically, it starts with trial and error, but with practice, they are able to imagine how and where each block would fit in and therefore, plan little ahead of time. Children are able to understand patterns in design and at the same time develop stability, continuity and ‘out of the box’ approach in their thinking. Such children naturally have affinity towards awesome structures and they can imagine what is unthinkable for others.

In that small child, maybe you already have a mini K. Radhakrishnan – One of the most respected engineers of modern India!


Solving puzzles is all about intelligently solving a problem that appears vague and ambiguous in first sight, but the solution keeps emerging with every right piece being placed at the right place. In addition to intelligence, it requires razor sharp focus, tremendous patience, hard work and ‘never give up’ attitude. These are the exact qualities that kids who love puzzles demonstrate. Moreover, gradually they are able to deal with increasing complexity and that too with ease. If properly nourished, such children mature their ability to relate seemingly unrelated pieces of information and data to solve problems.

Can you guess what keeps them excited? Of course, more puzzles. BUT, the new puzzle must be little more complex else such children get bored easily. Then, why not give them one more puzzle? In doing so you might be nudging him/her to be the next APJ Abdul Kalam – the world renowned Indian scientist and former President of India!

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Do you also see these traits in such children?

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